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Deal Dock Liam

Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, Espresso

Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, Espresso

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Change The Way You Experience Wellness With The Super Novo 2.0, Which Offers A Captivating Design And Delivers An Advanced 3d Massage Along The Entire Length Of Your Spine And All The Way Down To Your Thighs. Choose From Meditation Programs That Combine A Soothing Soundtrack With Your Massage, Helping You To Focus Your Breathing And Achieve A Relaxed State Of Being. Or Try The Yoga Studio Program, Which Uses Deep Stretching And Pressure To Loosen And Relieve Pain From Tight Muscles. The Downloadable App Also Allows You To Control The Chair, Indulge In Immersive Meditation Audio, And A Range Of Other Features From Your Android Or Ios Device.

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